Maletti Gondola Shampoo Unit

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Maleti Gondola Shampoo Unit is designed with a compact structure that takes up minimal space. This is made possible by a reduced wheelbase of only 65 cm.

Maleti Gondola Shampoo Unit also features a self-supporting structure and a new generation aluminium rear casing with a product holder. Additionally, this shampoo unit comes with a hand shower with an aerator that can save up to 6-7 litres of water per minute compared to the standard mixers that typically use 11-12 litres per minute. 

The drain is set back by 25 cm, making it easier to connect to existing plumbing without bends, thereby facilitating water flow. Moreover, the 40-diameter drain pipe has a smooth interior, which prevents residues from accumulating inside the ceramic.

101 cm 165,3 cm 66 cm

Maleti Gondola Shampoo Structure

The Maleti Gondola Shampoo Unit is constructed with several noteworthy features:

  1. The seat can be easily opened to allow simple maintenance of the basin's mechanisms. The seat has been thoughtfully designed with both comfort and ergonomics in mind, ensuring a comfortable experience for the user. The product's internal frame is composed of steel coated with eco-friendly materials.
  2. A generously sized table has been ergonomically designed to provide ample workspace, complete with support for a dyeing tray and hair trap.
  3. The Maleti Gondola Shampoo Unit boasts a sleek black rear casing, adding to the modern and sophisticated look of the product.

Without leg lift

Electric leg lifter

Electric leg lift and air massage

Handcrafted in Italy by Maletti and available with several function upgrades & a wide range of colours.

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