Maletti 330 Shampoo Unit With Air

Wash Lounges & Basins


Maletti 330 Shampoo Unit With Air is Maletti's latest addition to their line, boasting a sleek and curved design. The wash unit features a black-painted steel frame, a polyurethane foam upholstered wood seat, and an updated version with lumbar support.

Additionally, the unit is equipped with an electric leg lift and a tipping white enamel ceramic basin with tapware. The air massage system has two armrests for added comfort, and the trap includes a hair strainer filter.

The removable mono-sided cushion has an anti-slip Velcro for stability, and the vinyl upholstery is in the sky. With all of these features combined, the New 330 wash unit offers its users a luxurious and comfortable experience.

97 cm 122 cm 72 cm

New 330 45571 Air Massage
New 330 45561 Comfort with Electric leg lift
New 330 4582 Fix

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