Maletti Lady Eco Fun Shampoo Unit

Wash Lounges & Basins


Maletti Lady Eco Fun Shampoo Unit

Single shampoo unit that can be combined with the steam system.

The Maletti Lady Eco Fun Shampoo Unit, part of the Eco Fun collection created by designer Christophe Pillet, is a sustainable washing unit constructed from recycled plastic and aluminum. Since 1936, Italian company Maletti has been a by-word for design, innovation, technology and, above all, passion. It features a one-piece embossed plastic base in either grey or black, a white enamelled ceramic basin with hydraulic unit, and a siphon with hair filter. The unit is designed to be used with the Eco Fun chair, which tilts and is compatible with the shampoo unit. The upholstery is made of skay vinyl.

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