Dream Shampoo Unit

Wash Lounges & Basins


Dream shampoo unit is an impressive wash unit that can be tailored to the stylist's comfort level. The chair and basin are designed to be height-adjustable, enabling personalised positioning for both the hairdresser and the client's comfort.

Dream shampoo unit boasts a range of features designed to enhance the comfort and convenience of both the stylist and the client. One of the standout features is the height-adjustable chair and basin, which can be tailored to each user's individual preferences. Additionally, the unit is fitted with a vibration massage function and a handy pouch holder for the massage hand control.

The retractable footrest can be independently adjusted for maximum comfort, and the Italian-made tilting mechanism ensures quality and durability. Dream shampoo unit is also equipped with Australian-approved tapware, ensuring it meets high quality and safety standards. Finally, the black or white coral ceramic basin adds an attractive and hygienic touch to the unit's overall design.

Length: Min 1250mm Max 1550mm
Width: 740mm
Height: Min 860mm Max 1100 

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