Energy Shampoo Unit

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Energy Shampoo Unit

Energy Shampoo Unit is an exceptional salon shampoo unit designed to deliver superior comfort and convenience for salon operators and their clients. Energy Shampoo Unit boasts an effortless one-touch foot control system, making it easy to operate with a simple tap. Moreover, the Energy Shampoo Unit has a removable neck cushion to ensure clients can fully relax and enjoy their shampooing experience.

The Energy Shampoo Unit is supplied with an Australian-approved mixer set, and a flexible waste pipe, meaning installation is a breeze. The unit also features a deep ceramic basin, providing ample space for hair washing and styling.

In terms of aesthetics, the Energy Shampoo Unit is only white, which adds a clean and modern touch to any salon decor. With all these features, the Energy Shampoo Unit is the top choice for those seeking to enhance their salon services and create a more comfortable experience for their clients.

Energy Shampoo Unit Specifications:

Width: 700mm
Height: 850mm
Length: 2000mm  

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