Oslo Shampoo Unit Grey Weave

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About The Oslo Shampoo Unit Grey Weave

The Oslo Shampoo Unit Grey Weave is designed in a grey weave colour, offering a simple yet sophisticated appearance that enhances the atmosphere of any salon or space it occupies. Its smooth curved lines give it a touch of refinement, making it a fashionable addition to any setting.

This shampoo unit has various features that prioritise client comfort and satisfaction throughout extended periods of use. The seat is intended to prevent exhaustion and ensure clients are at ease throughout their time in the chair. The high-quality upholstery is crafted with exceptional stitching and is available in different colour options to suit various preferences. Additionally, the unit comes with a tilting ceramic basin in either white or black, providing a customised look that aligns with any salon's aesthetic.

The Oslo Shampoo Unit Grey Weave includes a manually adjustable footrest to ensure the client's comfort during shampooing. It also has a large waste with a hair catcher and a flexible waste pipe, making it easy to clean and maintain. These features create a comfortable and efficient experience for clients and hairdressers, ensuring a stress-free and enjoyable hair-washing process.

Oslo Shampoo Unit Grey Weave Specifications

Length: 1580mm open, 1300mm closed
Width: 660mm
Height: 960mm

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