Maletti Alu Wash Stand With Air

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Maletti Alu Wash Stand With Air

The Alu Wash Stand is a product of Maletti's Alu green collection, designed by Giovannoni. This salon wash unit provides the option to wash hair using either the European method (with the client sitting upright) or the Japanese Shiatsu method (with the client lying down).

The shampoo unit is large-sized and made of ceramic, complying with the necessary standards for the operator's working distance from the client's head. The basin is also equipped with a concave housing for dye bowls, while the water drain has a unique spiral design to ensure the client's neck is safe from the syphon.

A sturdy galvanized steel frame supports the wash unit, and the rear panel can be removed without tools. Additionally, the Alu Wash Stand comes with a removable Skay cover. The unit also incorporates an air massage system in the seat and is compatible with a steam system.

97 cm 135 cm 77 cm

Alu wash stand P45823 air massage
Alu wash stand P45833 comfort

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