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About The Taylor Styling Chair Tan Upholstery

The Taylor styling chair with diamond stitching and tan-coloured vinyl upholstery is a stylish and timeless option for salons looking to add a touch of sophistication to their decor. The tan colour adds warmth and richness to the chair, while the diamond stitching adds a classic and elegant touch.

Like other versions of the Taylor styling chair, this chair is designed with a curved backrest and cushioned seat for added comfort, adjustable height, and a 360-degree hydraulic swivel for ease of use. The chair's base is typically made with durable materials, industrial-grade vinyl, memory foam, and a hydraulic pump for easy height adjustment.

In addition to its diamond stitching and tan-coloured vinyl upholstery, the Taylor styling chair may include other luxurious features, such as chrome or rose gold hydraulic bases, to offer versatility in colour schemes that match a salon's decor.

Overall, the Taylor styling chair with diamond stitching and tan-coloured vinyl upholstery is a stylish and versatile option for salons looking to create a sophisticated and welcoming atmosphere for their clients. Its timeless design and functional features make it a great investment for any salon looking to upgrade its styling chairs.

Taylor Styling Chair Tan Features

  • Tapered armrests and minimal cushioning create a sleek design for the Taylor hairdressing styling chair.
  • The chair features a tailored diamond pattern, adding a cohesive and visually appealing element to its design.
  • Made with durable high-grade vinyl, the chair is resistant to wear and tear, ensuring longevity and reliability.
  • The hydraulic pump allows for 360-degree rotation, enabling easy movement and positioning of the chair.
  • The hydraulic pump can be locked in position, providing stability during styling sessions.
  • The chair's hydraulic pump is height adjustable, allowing the stylist to raise or lower it to the desired position.
  • Once the desired height is achieved, the hydraulic pump can be locked to maintain stability.
  • The Taylor hairdressing styling chair offers a variety of customisable base options, allowing for personalised aesthetics and matching the salon's or hairdressing studio's overall style.

Hydraulic base options available:

  • Chrome Disc
  • Chrome 5star
  • Black Disc
  • Black 5 star
  • Rose Gold Disc

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