Detroit Barber Chair

Barber Chair


A true individual, this barbers chair features a shiny chrome finish that 
truly breaks the mould of distinctive design. For barbers looking for 
something a little different, the design features a smooth finish, 
while the seat is firm and well supported. The adjustable height 
range makes this barbers chair perfect for the tall and even the 
short barber. This unique design is met with the highest grade of 
durability, finish and of course maximum comfort.


* 360º (lockable) rotation
* Reclining backrest
* Adjustable, integrated, removable headrest
* Upholstered padded armrests
* Recline lever
* Upholstered and padded footrest
* Raised leg support
* Lockable hydraulic lift
* Round white and chrome base


Length (Seating Position) – 1100mm
Length (Reclining Position) – 1500mm
Width Arm to Arm (Including Lever) – 750 mm
Height (Lowest Point) Floor to Top of Headrest – 1080mm
Height (Highest Point) Floor to Top of Headrest – 1260mm  
Seat Area (Width) – 500mm
Seat Area (Depth) – 450mm  

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